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The Tea Machine – Gill McKnight

I mentioned in my review of another fantasy novel what a wild and ridiculous–sounding synopsis it had. (It really did.) So does The Tea Machine. Maybe moreso. Amazons and giant killer squid. Time travel and steampunk and a tea cult. And it is a weird and kind of wild ride. Victorian spinster Millicent cossets her… Continue reading The Tea Machine – Gill McKnight


Must Love Kilts – Angela Quarles

Oh, dear. I hate to do this. I loved the first book; I loved it enough that when the author made overtures to include me in her email newsletter and offered me this next book in the series I was happy to accept. I followed her on Facebook and everything. This, however … Let’s see.… Continue reading Must Love Kilts – Angela Quarles


Macbeth – A.J. Hartley, David Hewson, Alan Cumming

Audible had a sale a little while ago in which ten editors each chose ten books to sell for $4.95. I got the email saying “books from your wishlist are on sale!” but the link didn’t take me to any of them, so I ended up clicking through the ten pages to see what was… Continue reading Macbeth – A.J. Hartley, David Hewson, Alan Cumming

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The Service of the Dead – Candace Robb

Candace Robb is another of those writers who has been on my List for a very long time despite the fact that her writing is not my very favorite. Her books are go-tos, reliably good reads when I feel like picking up a book from a certain period, but her characters do not linger with… Continue reading The Service of the Dead – Candace Robb

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The Worst Hard Time – Timothy Egan – Patrick Lawlor

I have a little history with both the author and the narrator of this audiobook. When I was looking for something awesome on which to spend the credit burning a hole in my pocket, I looked at my “five-star” shelf and saw [book:Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher], a Netgalley book which I loved a… Continue reading The Worst Hard Time – Timothy Egan – Patrick Lawlor

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The Body in the Wardrobe – Katherine Hall Page – LTER

I’ve had a like/loathe relationship with the “Body in the ( )” books and their heroine, Faith Sibley Fairchild, since the first one I ever read, years ago. The series started out as just another cozy series, with just another culinary professional stumbling over a corpse and, of course, investigating. Where other series have kind… Continue reading The Body in the Wardrobe – Katherine Hall Page – LTER

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Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen – Rosalyn Landor

Like most fine books, there is something new here every time I read it – or listen to it. I don’t remember being quite so shocked at the characters before. Lucy Steele … wow. She is a nasty, scheming piece of work. She knew every step of the way what she was doing, and did… Continue reading Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen – Rosalyn Landor


With love and thanks to Dorothy L. on her birthday.

Originally posted on Stewartry:
Clouds of Witness isn’t my favorite of the Lord Peter novels – but I think I’ve said before that’s like saying “my least favorite chocolate” or “my least favorite Beatle”. And this does have some of my favorite Peter-Bunter scenes, and gave me the name for one of my blogs. This isn’t…

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The Guest Room – Chris Bohjalian

“And there’s more.” “How? Seriously, Richard, how could there possibly be more?” It’s an excellent question, asked by Kristin Chapman, wife of Richard, brother of Phillip who is getting married in a couple of weeks. You see, Richard is his brother’s best man, and thus in charge of the bachelor party. We’ll have it at… Continue reading The Guest Room – Chris Bohjalian