At last!

There was an announcement from Guy Gavriel Kay on his official site, Bright Weavings (if you want to go there you’ll have to look it up, I’m afraid; I’m not putting in a link that will lead to that forum, which gave me my first taste of flame. An apology from the moderator was fine, but a lack of anything done about the jerk who stomped me was not. Yes, I do hold a grudge have a long memory):

The new novel is called UNDER HEAVEN. It is a long, single-volume historical fantasy inspired by the extraordinary Tang Dynasty, essentially 8th century China.

It will appear in the English-language markets in April and May of 2010.

Modified rapture!

I’m not tickled to death by the idea of a book inspired by Tang Dynasty China – not a time period or geographical area I’m overwhelmingly interested in – but — it’s new Guy Kay! He could say he’s writing the next X-Men novel and I’d be happy. (Confused, but happy.)

I love that he follows this information with:

I appreciate the patience and goodwill of all the denizens, and readers around the world. I know I don’t produce novels that swiftly. I’ll hope readers decide this one was worth the wait.

Hee. No, he doesn’t produce novels swiftly: twelve books, including the poetry collection, in 25 years. The last one was in January of 2007. That’s one of the reasons they’re caviar and Dom Perignon. Misty Lackey produces novels swiftly – very swiftly: 98 in 22 years. An average of 4.5 books a year, bless her. That’s one of the reasons they tend strongly towards Pizza Hut and Coca Cola. Don’t get me wrong – I love pizza and Coke. And I only wish I could write half that. And I’m not stupid enough to think that time spent on a book automatically means quality. But.

The last book, Ysabel, while quality, was not at the same level as everything else; it was I believe partly aimed at a young adult audience, and it didn’t have the visceral impact most of his books do. I hope for pure Kay in March/April (I suppose Canada will be March and we’ll be April). Even if it’s not up to the standard of Tigana, though (what is?), it will be worth the wait.

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