WTNH needs a proofreader: installment 1

I used to save the alarmingly frequent screw-ups in the titles our local news station, WTNH (channel 8, ABC) puts up, just because they were so very frequent and so thoroughly drove me up the wall … I still remember one beauty: the caption about how the low-crab [sic] diet trend had affected Krispy Kreme donuts… Well, they haven’t gotten any better.

Now, heaven knows I’m not perfect. I don’t always proofread, and my fingers sometimes slip. But most of the writing I do nowadays is at work where no one seems to much care about spelling, grammar, or punctuation, or here, on my blog that not all that many people find their way to, or otherwise for myself. It’s not something which will be appearing on television in front of, what, several hundred thousand? More? Which is why I don’t understand how a caption like this evening’s, about Michael Dougalas‘s son going to prison, can make it to air. People, people – seriously. Proofreader. I’m available.

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One Response to WTNH needs a proofreader: installment 1

  1. accountantgrrl says:

    Heh, Heh, Heh….

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