SYTYCD Top 8 … but not for long

At the NY RenFaire, they used to have a show called Instant Shakespeare, in which various of the Bard’s plays were torn apart and put back together with extra bits. And in […] Lear (Shakespeare left that part blank – once it was New York City Taxi Cab Driver Lear), Cordelia (not her sister Chanda or her brother Norman, Cordelia)’s heart would break, and she would mime that as if breaking a stick in half in front of her chest, with an exclamation Mad-Libbed by the audience, most memorably “Moo”.

After tonight’s SYTYCD …

*snap* Moo.

A few days ago Alex Wong was injured rehearsing for the Top 8 show of SYTYCD. He couldn’t perform last night, and was automatically put into the bottom three. It didn’t sound good. It wasn’t good – he needs surgery, and is out of the competition.

On the plus side, the other two people up for elimination, and therefore spared, were Ashley, who besides being excellent is one of the two remaining girls in the competition and I reiterate my need to keep at least these two in as long as possible to give Mark (and Twitch) as many opportunities as possible to appear … and, in a chapter from Topsy-Turvy-land (and I don’t mean Gilbert and Sullivan), Billy Bell. Who is … amazing.

On the down side, none of the three of them were expendable, and … well, look, here are the Alex videos again. (Embedding has been disabled, but the videos should still be there for the clicking. For now, anyway – let me know if they go away…)

Alex and Lauren
Alex and Twitch

I’ve watched the Alex and Twitch performance about a dozen times. It just makes me happy. Not so much now that he’s gone – but. BUT! They already invited him back for next season. Hope springs infernal, and all that.

On the shows this week, all I have left to say is mainly:

Kat Deeley was robbed! She needs an Emmy nomination, and there is no reason on earth for her not to get one! Seacrest, forsooth. Last night Kat cemented my adoration for her by pointing out that when Jose didn’t dance Bollywood perfectly, it was adorable, but when Adechike didn’t do it it was just wrong – she was magnificent.

Also: SYTYCD robbed. Ridiculous.

And: What the hell was that opening routine tonight? It was Mia’s? – Huh? A Mia routine has never left me with that look on my face before. And why were Billy and – Jose?! – in skirts?!? ‘Cause those weren’t anything but skirts. Jose will never be able to go home.

However, she did apologize very graciously to Adechike – which wouldn’t have done him a damn bit of good if he’d gone home tonight, but it was still very well done.

And, lastly …

*snap* moo…

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