This morning they showed a video on the news that had me cheering a bit; a bull scaled the barriers of a bull ring and got into the audience. As I said in the other post a little while ago about the Running of the Idiots – er, Bulls, the solitary time I will ever, ever take pleasure in people being hurt is at a bullfight (or its precursor the encierro) (nota bene: encierro, from the verb encerrar, to lock/shut up. There you go). I’m always going to be on the side of the bulls.

So of course, given the post I posted before, I went looking for the video, and found this. (Sorry for the commercial, but at least it’s a cute-ish one.)

That happened at the biggest bull ring in the world, in Mexico, with about 48,000 people in the stands – including quite a few children. (There were several injuries, but no one was killed – except, of course, the bull.) But this incident happened in, I believe, 2006. And after watching that, quite a bit longer than what the news showed, I didn’t so much feel like cheering anymore; I just felt nauseated by the sheer terror of the animal, having been kept in darkness before being released into bright sunlight filled with the shouting of people anxious to see him die. It wasn’t bloodlust that sent it into the stands – it was sheer panic.

For what it’s worth, ABC News wasn’t idiotically behindhand as I thought they were – there *was* an almost identical incident this week in Spain. (They might have fallen down in not finding the previous incident, but at least they’re not presenting years-old news as current.)

Now I feel sick and have a headache.

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