There is no A in “definitely”

I’ve been researching books for my LibraryThing library, trying to fill in some blanks with tags and correcting publishing dates and that sort of thing. And after an evening of trolling Amazon and assorted other sites where people leave comments and write posts and reviews and such, I just need to say:

D – E – F – I – N – I – T – E – L – Y

There is no “A”. It isn’t “definately”. And that “e”? Don’t forget it before the “ly”. What I don’t get is this sentence found on Amazon: “It’s defiently one of my top three favorite books of all time”. “Defiantly” doesn’t quite make sense there – “It’s one of my top three books whether you like it or not, and you can’t stop me, so there nyah!”


ETA: I found worse than “defiently”: “definilly in first place”… When I am queen I will either outlaw the use of the word or mandate teaching of the spelling.  Or both.

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