Random Acts of Culture

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like the internet. I know, stupid to say, given the number of hours I rack up and, well, my current mode of expression. But seriously – the trolls often seem to outnumber the good folk, and even the good folk often have a lamentable lack of language skills.

But there are times, here and there, now and then, this one and that one, and how are you, Mr. Wilson (sorry), that the internet is a pretty awesome place. (Just don’t read the comments if you watch this on YouTube. Remember what I said about trolls.)

And while I’m at it, there’s also this, from the magical mystical marvelous NaNoWriMo forums (I’m up to 25,640, and yes I’m behind and should be writing other things than this). This thread made my day – and a lot of other people’s, judging from the 70+ replies – I’ll need to find a way to archive it when they close the forums.

Happy Tuesday.

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