NaNoWriMo – Winnah!

I was fairly sure I could do it – – but!  By the NaNoWriMo word count validator I hit 50,651 words at about 6:55 pm.  

And it feels amazing. 

I was what they fondly call a “NaNo rebel” – I did not start from scratch (originally), with a blank page and an idea.  I went into this with a blank page and an idea and about 75K words already written on a novel (depending on how you count ’em) – and I devoted this NaNo month  to writing fifty thousand more words on and hopefully finishing the book that I’ve been dragging along behind me for years.  And two things have happened: it’s a damn sight closer to being finished (and I have a clearer understanding of how “magic” works in my world – and I have a name for my country, which I didn’t before) (and I have four more days till the end of the month, two of which are weekend – – I LOVE Thanksgiving!!).  And the second thing was: last Saturday I Had An Idea.  And did what you’re supposed to do on November 1: I started from scratch on *deep breath, in – – out* a whole new novel.

So, in a way, I’m not a winner.  To really count myself a winner, I need to a) finish one book or the other in the next four days (plus five more hours today!!), or b) write 100,000 words. 

The wild thing is, I think I can do it.  One of them.  Maybe both.  Right about now I’m ridiculously sure I can do anything.

I only wish I had tried this all those other years I knew it existed and didn’t go for it.  All of those jotted-down beginnings I have in notebooks … Some of them might now be more than that. 

All I know is this has been a wonderful month.  I didn’t participate in the social aspects – write-ins and gatherings and such; after the Board Which Shall Remain Nameless I frankly didn’t want to open that door.  Maybe next year – but it seemed counterintuitive to take time needed to reach the 50K and go to dinner or a movie or bowling or what-have-you, and I can’t imagine I would write more in a room with a bunch of other people than I have solo.  Maybe next year.  The most important thing to me was to do it

And I did it. 

And who knows – maybe I’ve set the groundwork for habits that will carry me through. 

I’m pretty bloody happy right now – especially with a full weekend in front of me.  So: 50,651 — and counting. 

Back to work.

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