I used to love snow …

I don’t any more.


It’s pretty and all – –

But while I didn’t have to go out in it today – not that I could have if I was supposed to – I will tomorrow, and I was driving home in last Friday’s little winter &^#! wonderland.  I don’t have four-wheel-drive – and I saw people who did fish-tailing.  I hate this stuff. 

And so does Daisy.

She went out – so brave! – and right back in again; she hasn’t, er, done anything yet today.  Poor baby.  We’ll shovel her out.

I don’t mind kids praying for snow – I did the same thing.  It’s people who are supposed to be adults getting all happy about it, whether so they can ski or go snowmobiling or whatever … Dandy for you, but I don’t want to hear it.  People die in this stuff; it’s inconvenient at best; you want to rejoice over 24″ of snow, go to Maine and do it.  So there.

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