This isn’t the same picture I posted last time, of my vanished car (I’m starting to think having a white car in Connecticut is not such a good idea).  You can tell it’s not the same picture because THERE’S MORE SNOW THIS TIME.  This was 7:00 this morning. 

I hate this.  I really do. 

It seems like ages ago that I took this, as the first flakes of the first storm fluttered down:

Look! Grass!
Thursday, Jan 6, 2011 – it begins

Oh, look – grass (she said longingly).  The car there is my sister’s.  And – for those who still think snow is magical, they’re right:

Thursday Jan 27, 2011 – it continues

– -It made my sister’s car disappear.  You can’t see it from here any more.  You can, barely, see the top of my brother-in-law’s Blazer, but not the car.  For those further south than we are, imagine trying to drive, and trying to turn a corner, and having that snow plus everything dredged up off the roads piled on the corners.  It was just starting to get to the point where it had worn down a little, and it wasn’t so much a matter of taking one’s life in one’s hands any more … Oh well.  Wish me, and all of us, luck. 

Oh, and for those people who are just delighted by all of this crap, then good for you.  Don’t say it in front of me, or you can come and fix my house.  
It seems like half the branches on the white pines at the side of the house are down.  We were lucky – we only lost power last storm for six hours or so, and that was on the one warm (40’s!) day we’ve had this month.  Lots of people have had it much worse.  Still, it cost us $350 we don’t have – and trying to get someone here to clear our driveway would cost us more than we could afford if we could actually get someone.  Which we can’t. 
Did I mention how much I really, really hate this? 
Mom keeps swearing she’s not going to complain about 90 degree weather ever again.  I can’t guarantee that.  But I can say I will definitely remember this, and stop complaining pretty quickly. 
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3 Responses to Uncle!

  1. accountantgrrl says:

    Amen, sister!

  2. Helen says:

    this calls for the obligatory “been there done that” – however, that being said, I live in a big city and our snow has been falling steadily but lightly, allowing for our snow-clearing army to keep things livable :) .. no army for the biting cold though. Winter in the north-east :(

  3. stewartry says:

    @ “accountantgrrl” – man, if you meant “sister” when you wrote it, I am deeply glad I don’t belong to your family.

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