Eight years ago this morning, the shuttle Columbia, STS-107, disintegrated on re-entry …

I really hate these posts. 

Commander: Rick D. Husband, U.S. Air Force colonel and mechanical engineer
Pilot: William C. McCool, U.S. Navy commander
Payload Commander: Michael P. Anderson, a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and physicist, in charge of the science mission.
Payload Specialist: Ilan Ramon, a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, the first Israeli astronaut.
Mission Specialist: Kalpana Chawla, Indian-born aerospace engineer on her second space mission.
Mission Specialist: David M. Brown, U.S. Navy captain trained as an aviator and flight surgeon.
Mission Specialist: Laurel Clark, a U.S. Navy captain and flight surgeon.

– – To them, my thanks. 

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