Jane Austen: The Anti-Super Bowl

I love that PBS tonight quietly countered the testosterone and sheer brute force of the Super Bowl with a choice of Jane Austen: on CPTV, Persuasion (the non-Ciaran Hinds version) and on Channel 13 the full production of Emma. I’ve expressed myself on this version of Persuasion… I must have seen this Emma before, and it was lovely.  I’m grateful for the respite.  I can’t formulate coherent thoughts at the moment, apart from saying that any time in the future I need a nickname it should be Miss Bates, but Emma was very well done.  It’s a remarkable thing when a character with so many foolish qualities and such silly behavior is also such a wonderful and human and fully-formed character; her remark to Miss Bates at the strawberry picnic is one of the nastiest I can think of, particularly in context, and yet Emma Woodhouse is not hateful.  It’s a tribute to Miss Austen’s remarkable ability that it is so.

And Mr. Knightley is … marvelous. 

And I’m very depressed now.

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