Well, there it is.  Six months after that intensely annoying day, I sent the last payment on the thing to Wallingford Auto Park, and just got the acknowledgement today: it’s mine.

I don’t much want it – it is still trying to kill me; I have a cassette tape adapter for my iPod, but the car likes to spit the tape out at random intervals – AND I had to get over $400 work put into it a couple of months ago – but it’s mine.

I tried to be more adult than is my wont and refrained from enclosing any comment with the final check – even though it took me three phone calls to just find out how much the last payment was supposed to be. (Every person I spoke to till the last one was puzzled by what exactly it was I wanted; apparently there is a service department.  You wouldn’t know it from I was promised a call back, which (surprise!) never came.  But I didn’t say a word. I do, however, really have to say here: Unless you’re planning on going high-end, there is absolutely no point to going to Wallingford Auto Park.  Customer service is … there is no customer service.  Shortly after I brought the thing home I realized that the solitary key they gave me doesn’t unlock the door or the trunk.  I called the guy who sold me the thing about half a dozen times and wound up leaving voicemails on his cell and desk phones, and emailed him several times … when I finally spoke to him, he laughed and said he never checked his emails or voicemails (a remarkable attitude for a salesman, I thought), but he’d be happy to tell me exactly what I needed to do to get a new key made.  In other words, for what I paid they couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to get me one.

Finally, and to conclude, I hated the company, and felt incredibly ill-served by them.  I’m very glad to have them out of my life.  And I will never go back.

But I needed a car, and I have a car (free (!) and clear), and il va – he runs.

Knock on wood.


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2 Responses to Mine.

  1. accountantgrrl says:

    Woot! Woot!

  2. Chris says:

    Firstly I want to express that my dealings when purchasing a car from Wallingford Auto Park were strictly with a member of the sales staff, this has nothing to do with the owner of the company (although he should probably evaluate some of his sales staff a little better). I was looking for a sport model acura and willing to pay what I needed to get it. I found Wallingford Auto Park had a select few available, at an attractive price point. I am not a nit-picker or a procrastinator when it comes to something that I want, and I paid upwards of $20k for this vehicle without hassle. The least I would have expected from the sales staff would be that they were upfront with what I was buying. Well – Turns out a year later when I am attempting to trade this in on a upgrade/newer model – I find that the vehicle had a severe front impact crash where the airbags were deployed. – Ah – that’s why the sales rep stalled the carfax report and was rushing the purchase because “there were two other guys showing up today to look at the same car because it was such a great deal”. Let me tell you something – I have learned my $5,000 lesson from this. NEVER BUY A PRE-OWNED LUXURY MODEL VEHICLE FROM AN INDEPENDENT DEALER. 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 SOMETHING WENT WRONG WITH THE CAR – AND THAT IS WHY THE DEALER ISN’T SELLING IT CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED. Not to mention the problem I had out of the gate with the Hands Free Link Unit – which they promised to “get back to me on” or “send me over to acura to have the unit fixed” – BS. Won’t find me recommending WALLINGFORD AUTO PARK to anyone, EVER. You want luxury – go buy it CPO’d from the Dealer, case in point.

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