Remembering – Darrell K. Sweet, 1934-2011

From the time I first started reading on my own, it has seemed like eighty percent of the books I read had covers by Michael Whelan, Keith Parkinson, a small handful of others – and Darrell K. Sweet.  I counted – there are over 50 books on my shelves boasting covers by DKS (see below).  Hopefully I’m not wrong on any of these: I didn’t double-check myself.  But I don’t think so – DKS is distinctive.  No one else’s work looks like his, and his people are clearly his.  His work was always bright, vivid – not the deepest or most profound art in the world – but the energy and life in these paintings suit many of the books they grace: Excitement!  Danger!  Magic!  You have a pretty good idea what you’re getting in a DKS-covered book.

He passed away on Monday, at the age of 77, without completing the cover for the final Wheel of Time novel.  I hope someone does the same service for that painting as Brandon Sanderson has for <i>A Memory of Light</i> – it would be sad to have a WoT book without Darrell K. Sweet, and it would be so appropriate in so many ways.

Rest in peace with thanks, sir.

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