2011: the year in review(s)

Happy New Year.  I kind of missed Christmas, there – sorry about that; hope it was universally lovely.  My mother told me a couple of weeks before Christmas that I was going to love what my brother got me.  And my first thought was “Kindle!”  Mom, of course, immediately clammed up and would tell me no more, because that would spoil it.  Never mind that I was being driven crazy with curiosity … I made myself dismiss the idea of the Kindle, figuring that if I set my hopes on it I’d be dredging up a big grin over a bathrobe or something.

I didn’t get a Kindle.

I got two.

My brother gave me a Kindle Keyboard; my sister gave me a classic Kindle.  Turns out she never mentioned what she’d bought for me to Mom… Hey, it is the perfect gift for me, after all. I think everyone’s always afraid to buy me books, since I have about 5,000 … I thought I might return the second Kindle – Amazon credit! – or, just possibly, teach my 84-year-old mother to use it.  It’d be perfect, I figured: there are free books by some of her favorite authors, and you can change the font size, and she has trouble at times with heavy hardcovers.  And lo: She likes it! Hey, Mikey!

And so do I.  I will never convert over entirely, but I love being able to search a book.  I love being able to go straight back to where I left off.  I love being able to look up random words and phrases without even leaving the book.

Anyway.  In 2011, I made my Goodreads challenge by reading 151 books.  (2012: 160.  We’ll see.)  I was trying to be “good” and keep the number of rereads down to a bit of a minimum; what is often called Mount TBR is huge and daunting, and rereads do not whittle it down at all.  I did better than I thought: I read 34 books I had read sometime before, and 117 were new to me. Of the new ones 31 were LTER’s (LibraryThing Early Reviewers) or Netgalley books (not Goodreads – I’ve only ever won one on GR, and that was over two years ago, and I don’t know why).   Thirteen were audio books (I only started listening about halfway through the year, I believe, and now I love Audible.com dearly).

It was a crappy, crappy year in many ways, 2011. My confidence – and my heart – were trampled into the dust more thoroughly than I ever saw coming –  but I lived.  I learned.  It won’t – it will not – ever happen again.  (That’s the learning part.)  Some good things happened – the Kindle, for one, and I also – stunningly – won a $500 shopping spree from a local radio station (which is burning a hole in my wallet – and means I can finally, after nearly a year of carrying around the prescription, get new glasses); otherwise, everyone is – pretty much – healthy and, frequently, happy.  But, overall, good riddance to the bloody year. May it quickly diminish in the rearview mirror.

Resolutions I have none.  I’ll try to lose weight and get some exercise.  I might look into the local SCA group – not that I’ve had much encouragement from that neck of the woods; I might look into fencing lessons (though that might kill me).  I’d like to read more non-fiction, moe “better” books.  Unless the complete and utter lack of confidence continues, I’ll try to – waaaaiiit for it – finish my book.  (It could happen.  In the most recent Geico commercial a pig flies, after all.)  Otherwise … Don’t know.  I’ll just try to survive whatever comes.

Wait, that was depressing.  I need to go watch Maxwell again.

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4 Responses to 2011: the year in review(s)

  1. tmso says:

    Dude, I only managed to read something less than 20 books. I wanted to read way more, but I’m just not that fast of a reader. I will try for more this year.

    I do hope 2012 is much better for you than 2011. :)

  2. stewartry says:

    Heh – When one has no life one reads too much. :D Books are my addiction – marginally more healthy than alcohol or drugs.

  3. accountantgrrl says:

    Wow! TWO Kindles. Who is better than you?! ;-)

    As you know, 2011 went out with a bang for me, too. It looks like according to our horoscope (if you believe in all that) says that 2012 will be a much better year for us, birthday twin.

    Here’s hoping!

  4. stewartry says:

    Wild, huh? I hope 2012 will be better, birthday twin – I was thinking of you as I wrote this: it just has not been a happy year. It will be better! And then the world will end … ;)

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