Today was after being such a crummy day…

It rained all yesterday.  A lot.  It wasn’t till I got into the car this morning and went “!!” that I realized my windows had been open since Saturday.  I was running late, so I didn’t have a choice – I went with being wet.  My shirt got marked up by the dampened steering wheel, so I scrubbed that a bit in the sink at work, and so was wet fore and aft.  And so on.  Just run of the mill bleh.

Then I was reading email, and I’m not sure how I managed to open a message without seeing who sent it – I never do that – but the next thing I knew I was reading this:


I don’t think I breathed for a full couple of minutes when that registered.

Two business days?!  I’ve been taking the test every chance I had for about twenty years. I’d have responded faster if I could get my fingers to work sooner.

I didn’t think I did that well on the test.

I know it doesn’t mean anything, necessarily – it’s just another step and all.  And, I mean, even in the unlikely event I did actually get on Jeopardy

Hold on – need a second.


OK. I’m good.  So – even if I did actually get on Jeopardy, I’d have to pay my way and for room and board, and my thumb would probably freeze on the buzzer (note to self: must begin clicking exercises) and all the categories would be sports and geography (I couldn’t pick Estonia out of a lineup) and I’d make a complete and total moron out of myself …

But I still wanna go.

Holy mackerel.

I think I’ll go study football stats and European rivers.

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2 Responses to Today was after being such a crummy day…

  1. Helen says:

    What lovely news ! Let us know what happens ..

  2. tmso says:

    That is so awesome! I hope you get on, or at least have a fun time at the interview. Let us know how it goes if you go. I’m happy for you! :)

    (Don’t feel bad about going to work wet. I ride my bike to work and do a complete change when I get there. And I’ve been known to forget my underwear a few times…!!!)

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