Jeopardy tryouts: been there, done it, and got the pen to prove it

Well, I’m back. The Jeopardy “audition” (I have to use quotes there because with an actor as a friend it makes me giggle to use the word in relation to me) was this afternoon – and it was a huge amount of fun. You know I’m going to write this up in detail – this blog being, on occasion, a stand-in for my memory – but I’m pooped, so: the short version. My sister and niece and I took the train into NYC, had lunch at Serendipity 3 (which I knew about from the movie), and then went to the Sheraton where the tryouts were being held; they two went off and might have wound up in the background of a movie shoot while I went down to Conference Room K for the test etc.

It was a great experience. The three from the show – Maggie and two gentlemen whose names completely escape me, to my shame (Robert??) – were tremendous, and if I did well enough I could now get a call or email any time in the next 18 months to fly to California. Or not. But Maggie said something which kind of put it all into a different perspective: about 100,000 people took the online test. They called about 1-2000 of those people for the tryouts. As I was processing those numbers, she quoted one woman who recently said “Finally I’m one of the 1%!” “Occupy Jeopardy!” Also, I believe Maggie said they need about 400 contestants a season; figure 365 days minus 104 weekend days = 261 weekdays on which shows will air, times two new contestants per show, minus several weeks of tournaments of various sorts … Yeah, that’s about right. Wow. Those are frighteningly decent odds. Abruptly, as long as I didn’t blow it today – and I don’t think I did – I am more likely to be on Jeopardy! than to be hit by lightning, which wasn’t true a month ago.


I guess I really do need to keep studying.Not that a single thing I’ve swotted up on in the past five weeks was in any way relevant – still.

More ASAP.

ETA: I just checked one of the handful of questions I was pretty sure I had wrong on the written test – and I was right! Woot!

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7 Responses to Jeopardy tryouts: been there, done it, and got the pen to prove it

  1. kimsyd says:

    What fun! I’m looking forward to the unabridged account. K x

  2. I’m rooting for you!

  3. tmso says:

    Did they film you? Can you get a copy? Even if you don’t make (and you will, I know it!), it would be cool to see the try outs. I’m glad the tryouts were a great experience.

  4. stewartry says:

    No, thank goodness, they didn’t film it; I don’t think I could take seeing that! I hate hearing myself on tape, I can’t even imagine how bad it would be to see me. (I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.)

  5. tmso says:

    You’ll have to… ;)

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