This is not a political post

It really isn’t about politics. It’s more about the basic quality of life in an election cycle, and about common sense and WTFery and things like that.

Ever since the last election cycle, the two dirtiest words in my household have been “Linda McMahon”. That name is enough to make my ordinarily very mild mother’s eyes blaze. It’s not because McMahon’s a Republican – no one in my family has ever been very political, and my one venture into giving a damn did not end well on a personal level; that period was the death knell for any optimism and eagerness that was left alive in me. I don’t care anymore. We don’t care what McMahon’s politics are; I couldn’t even tell you what her campaign promises are (we mute every commercial possible, and when it’s not possible tune them out). At this point she could be running a save-the-puppies campaign and I wouldn’t vote for her if you paid me.

Here’s the thing: she’s rich as Croesus. Now, I admit it: that’s automatically a black mark against a person in my book, to remain a negative unless mitigating factors can be presented. (I admit it freely – it’s my one prejudice.) Mitigating factors can include: a hell of a lot of hard work to earn the money. An attitude showing a marked lack of rubbing anyone’s face in it. A dedication to using said money to help others.

McMahon’s commercials usually aim at factor #1: Linda worked so very hard to get where she is! Okay. And in what field did she work?

Professional wrestling.

Words cannot express the horror with which that fills me.

But – thank God – she is no longer wrestling (as far as I know), and supposedly this sordid past brought jobs to the state back in the day, so, fine. I can get over it – even the little snippet an opponent once brought out of her on all fours and barking like a dog in the ring.

What negates any positive factors that do or could ever exist for this woman is her financial aggressiveness toward getting the job of senator for this state. In the last campaign, she bragged that she was willing to spend $50 million of her own money on the election. I believe the final number was bigger than that. That right there? Goes against possible mitigating factor #2: it is rubbing her money in the face of everyone with less, and basically admitting to making a damned good attempt at buying a senate seat.

What did she get for her money?

She didn’t get the job.

Instead, what she bought was the undying loathing of every member of my family (and not a few others I’ve spoken to). Why? Because she’s bloody everywhere. Every television and radio commercial break – since APRIL – has included a McMahon commercial. Her (already unpleasant) voice has become more and more (and MORE) irritating as time has passed. She has been advertised in more different commercials than Coca Cola – more even than Viagra and its counterparts. That’s probably the biggest part of what all that money bought her, for the last election; I don’t think she’s bragged about what she’s shelling out for this one.

Some of the rest went to making hers a multi-media campaign of aggravation. I am a registered independent (because I find both parties equally repugnant and equally nothing I want to be associated with). My mother is a registered Democrat. So I would absolutely love an explanation as to why we have received not only mailings but telephone calls – plural – from the McMahon campaign.

Fifty million dollars … she’s spent more than twice that by now, is my guess. A hundred mill would buy a lot of textbooks for struggling school systems, or – oh, I don’t know, food for people who don’t have any. (See #3, above.) For it to be pissed away on such garbage as this (probably fruitless, or so I pray) campaign makes me literally physically ill.

Maybe the media consultants and those who produce the commercials have been counted into those 600 jobs she keeps boasting about.

Speaking of prompting – what’s prompted me to dash off this post is yet another irritation of those radio ads I can’t avoid: she is constantly berating those “career politicians” who haven’t miraculously fixed the world yet. And every single time I wonder: why is it so awful to be a “career politician” but not what she has become – a career politician-wannabe?


What I said over two years ago still stands, too…

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6 Responses to This is not a political post

  1. tmso says:

    I don’t know Ms. McMahon, but I’m glad I’m not her! She does sound atrocious. Best of luck to you with your attempts to ignore her. For your sake, I hope she doesn’t win. :)

  2. Totally in synch with you on this! I just want her to go away!

  3. Amen. sister!

    My brothers were into the whole WWF/WWE wrestling. Every time I look at her I think about all the idiotic stunts her and her family did during the show, for entertainment. To me, she is a joke. And I agree with you, the money she’s spending on her campaign is horrible and would be better spent in a generous donation or two.

  4. stewartry says:

    Well, see, that’s the thing! People can overcome their pasts – but she’s so well aware that hers is ridiculous that while they talk about it in roundabout terms they never mention it directly. To me that means she’s ashamed. If *she’s* ashamed, how does she expect anyone else to feel?

  5. stewartry says:

    The sooner the better!

  6. stewartry says:

    Think good thoughts!

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