This is also not a political post …

I had no plans to follow up that other post, but – dear lord, it’s only the middle of September and I’m already about to go mad. By the beginning of November these endless, mindless commercials will have me gibbering and strait-jacketed.

New Linda McMahon commercial (radio, and thus unavoidable, God help me): “Linda’s tax cuts only affect the middle class – her own taxes would not change at all.”

So what is Linda supposed to be – upper class?

In a pig’s eye. She’s rich. There is no class there.

Also, when the presidential candidates suspended their campaigns out of deference to the remembrance of September 11, McMahon, if anything, stepped up her efforts. I don’t recall hearing or seeing an ad from her opponent, but she demonstrated a marked lack of respect for the day by bulling right on with her endless spew of wasted money. I wrote to her website asking why; somehow I’m not surprised I didn’t get an answer. At least they’re not spamming my email address.

Is it election day yet?

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3 Responses to This is also not a political post …

  1. I’m really enjoying these posts. In the UK we often miss the intricacies of the US elections (and probably vice versa) so it’s good to read these perspectives.

  2. Helen says:

    This too is apolitical (although possibly life-altering) , but I really do empathize. We have just had a provincial election in which the choices were not great – party #1 is federalist but there are/were allegations of corruption (which is not unknown in political circles) – party #2 wants to separate this province from Canada and in doing so erase the fact that anyone ever spoke anything but French in this little corner of the world (of course they will expect Canada to continue paying out on support agreements) – party #3 is the new guy on the block (although the leader is late of party #2) in whom some folks have placed their trust since they have vowed to be against separation (but for some strange reason will not commit to being federalist). The result is a win for party #2 (54/125 seats), albeit with a minority government, party #1 (50/125 seats) and party #3 (19/125 seats) holding the real power since their vote on any matter will make the difference. All we can hope for is a vote of non-confidence & another election before party #2 calls a referendum on separation.

  3. stewartry says:

    Wow – I haven’t heard a word on the news. I had no idea the separatists had made such strides … yikes. What on earth would become of the Maritime Provinces?? Keep me posted!

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