Grandpa – maybe you could come back and read it to me again tomorrow?

I am wicked far behind on reviews, and the fact that a dozen keys are still missing from my keyboard is no good excuse. You know what is? The 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride. Which is now.

From’s article:

Mandy Patinkin considers Inigo to be his favorite role of all time, and one can hardly blame him; in the midst of such a hilarious yarn, Inigo’s fight to avenge his father is perhaps the most moving subplot of the film. But there’s another layer to this tale: it turns out that not long before taking the part, Patinkin’s own father had died of cancer. He said that while filming the final duel between Inigo and Count Rugen, he imaged it as a fight between himself and that cancer. That whole habit of art imitating life allowed Patinkin the opportunity to truly mourn his father. So if watching that scene doesn’t already make you tear up, it probably will next time. If it already had you crying, you’ll be weeping into buckets from now on.

(AMC just played it, and I did.)

The Princess Bride (film)

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