Is it over? Really over?

I can’t believe I’ve been hiatusing (shush – it’s a word now) for this long, but there it is. I think I said it in one of those last posts: what happened at my old place of work had both nothing and everything to do with me. It impacted me, for sure; it’s been a strange place, my little world, for the last month or so,

So what brings me back today?

All I can say is, I am – as far as returns are showing so far – very relieved and proud of my state right now. Not only is it a lovely shade of blue right now, there’s that other thing – and I already said this on Facebook (and I never go on Facebook anymore):

Imagine all the things that could be done with $100 million. Let me spell that out: One Hundred Million Dollars.

One thing that **can’t** be done with $100 million?

You can’t buy a senate seat.

Thank God.

After SEVEN HORRIFIC MONTHS of McMahon commercials – ding dong the witch has lost!


Maybe she’ll go away now? For good? Please?
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