One degree from Jeopardy!

sshot-41I’ve been trying to watch Jeopardy every night since the audition – just because I like the show, of course, and for obvious practical reasons (got to keep my hand in!) – but also because there were some terrific people in that audition room back in June in New York, and at least some of them HAVE to be chosen for the show.

So there I was the other night (Wednesday? The days have all run together …), and I said “Hey. The man on the right looks really familiar.” It wasn’t till Alex Trebek did the mini-inteview with him that I knew for sure that the gentleman all the way to the right – Todd Federman – was indeed the man from my audition group. Well done, Todd! I think he got out-buzzered in the beginning, but he came in a very respectable second.

And I am now one degree removed from the show. With thirteen more months left in which they can call me … I keep forgetting that. I really should be studying still… Back to the books!

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