DebraLee Hovey does NOT represent Connecticut.

Apparently over the weekend Republican Connecticut Representative DebraLee Hovey had a hissy fit on Facebook. You see, last week the amazing Gabby Giffords came to Connecticut and visited the families of the students of Newtown, of Sandy Hook Elementary. I welled up when I heard she was coming.

Hovey? Not so much.

“Gabbie Giffords stay out of my towns” was her reaction, with multiple exclamation points. She has since apologized, and I can’t even find a Facebook page for her now – smart moves, taken, I’m sure, only because my deep contemptful anger is probably a mild reaction compared to those of Newtowners.

Ms. Hovey, you’re called a state representative. If this is an example of your representation of this state, I’m nauseated. I’m joyful that you don’t represent my town, and I earnestly hope this incident is remembered come election time. In fact, I’ll make sure of it.

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