A challenging 2013, part 2

The third challenge I signed up for for 2013 (the other two being mentioned in the previous post) is the Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge, sponsored by the austenprose blog:

“If you have not read Jane Austen’s masterpiece (or would like to revisit it in honor of its special anniversary), seen all of the movies, or read all of the sequels and spinoffs, this is the year to join the challenge along with other Janeites, historical fiction, Regency romance, and period drama movie lovers.”

There are several levels of participation, and I, being a complete nutter impulsive, chose the highest: aficionada, pledging to read and/or watch and/or listen to 9-12 works. I don’t know what exactly will go towards that 9-12, except that I plan to watch the films (Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth definitely (obviously), and I suppose Knightley/Macfadyen since I own it; I will investigate others on Netflix) and listen to the book as read by Karen Savage (because I love her). I have a handful of Austen-esque books on the Kindle (which were free or cheap), and I’ve been poking about to see what else there is that sounds like it won’t make me want to throttle the author; I know I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Jasmine Fields once upon a time; I’ll see what I can do.

Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary

Challenge thread
Aficionada: 9 – 12 selections.
1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
2. Georgiana Darcy’s Diary – Anna Elliott (My review)
3. Pemberley to Waterloo – Anna Elliott (review pending)
4. His Good Opinion – Nancy Kelley (review pending)
5. Pride & Prejudice (2005 film adaptation – review pending)
6. Pride and Prejudice (1995 film adaptation – review pending)


I’ll be filling that list in as time goes by. That first entry is in progress, both my watching of it and its production – I don’t know when they’ll wrap it up. I hope it’ll be a while – I’m having a ridiculously fun time. My good friend Jen has been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and they were also brought up in one of the searches I did for P&P-type stuff. I thought “well, that sounds cute”, and since Jen has been loving them, and since the videos are only three to five minutes each, what the heck. It’s a multimedia experience, with Twitter conversations between characters, photos from Jane Bennet’s fashion line, and supplementary videos from Lydia and Charlotte and Char’s sister Maria.

At first I thought it was nicely done and very cute. A few videos in I thought it was excellently done and amazingly cute. Over fifty videos from the main story and assorted other vlogs and whatnots, and I’m emotionally invested and completely addicted. The frothy comedy of the beginning of the story has deepened into episodes of pain and betrayal, and I admit it – I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’m fighting to avoid saying things like “totes adorbs”. Fighting very hard.

The acting is a joy. It is no stretch at all for me to settle into the illusion that this is the video log of one Lizzie Bennet, whose life just happens to echo a certain two hundred year old novel. Ashley Clements, who plays Lizzie, should be on every casting director’s radar – they all should. They’re totes awesome. Laura Spencer is perfect as Jane Bennet and Mary Kate Wiles is a ball of ludicrously loud redhead with a heart of gold as Lydia – and I’m actively dreading what’s coming for her. And I hereby adore Julia Cho and Janice Lee as Charlotte and Maria Lu(cas). I’m looking forward to Caroline Lee (in another universe, Bingley – played by Jessica Jade Andres) showing her true colors – only I’m not, because Lizzie and Jane will be hurt. See? Emotionally invested. And I rather love what became of Mary Bennet and Kitty. Heh.

The boys are great too – Christopher Sean as Bing Lee (heh) and Wes Aderhold as Wickham are opposite ends of the spectrum, and they’re terrific. And I love, love, love Maxwell Glick’s Mr. Collins. He’s bloody awful, and he’s bloody perfect. I cherish fond hopes that his fiancee in Canada turns out to be like Alberta, Rod’s girlfriend who lives in Canada (from Avenue Q). I love that Darcy has not appeared yet – how could he? – I can only hope that when he does show up he’ll live up to the buildup. Like Jaws. I have faith that he will.


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2 Responses to A challenging 2013, part 2

  1. It’s been pretty hairy around here in my neck of the woods with one of my sisters ending up in the hospital. She’s doing fine. But, that’s why I didn’t get to read this post until today. Wasn’t until I checked out Pinterest (like you saw) that I realized you were going to check this webseries out.

    Holy Horse, you must not be that far along. Darcy has been revealed! In fact, Darcy Day as it was called happened around Episode 60. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and yes, he is tall. And very handsome. And a hipster. :D

    I agree with you with respect to the acting.

    I am at the part in the story where I despise one George Wickham. It will be interesting how they handle the whole Lydia/Wickham thing. Oh, and Lizzie is shadowing Pemberley Digital. I let you get all caught up. ;-)

    I see by your Goodreads widget that you already have one of the spinoffs I was going to suggest. It was an interesting version of a sequel to P & P.

    I really have to look into join this thing.

  2. stewartry says:

    Oh no! 2013 is not beginning well… I’m glad your sister’s better.

    I’m caught up on the LBD! Darcy! And Wickham, the *&#! And Lydia’s breaking my heart. It’s fantastic.

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