The one where I’m back

Well. It’s been a while. See, on March 15 I lost my job, and had to fight for unemployment benefits, which took until mid week last week – so nearly a month passed without income. So I have spent the past month pretty much curled up in a depressed, embarrassed, angry, scared ball. However, now I am getting the stipend, such as it is, and can actually do things like breathe and sleep and buy groceries, and maybe I can claw back a little of my life and start writing things again. That would be cool.

And until I get a review or anything else useful written, there’s this that I just received in my inbox:

Screenshot - 4_18_2013 , 3_01_34 PM


I have free time. When do I leave?


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14 Responses to The one where I’m back

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Tracey, I’m so sorry you have had to go through this, coincidentally, my younger sister is in much the same position ;>( … I have been following GGK’s River of Stars adventures on twitter & I see that you are reading the book – I will be interested to see your review. My own read is far off (I will wait for the trade paperback) …………..

  2. If you would really like to apply for residence in space, and eventually on Mars, dig up the Mars One mission. I’m serious. They’re seeking candidates.

  3. stewartry says:

    Things will get better! They have to!

    I was sad about the release of River of Stars on 4/2 when I lost my job on 3/15 – but then I realized I had an credit coming to me, and so I kind of sort of got it free. And it’s read by a really great narrator, Simon Vance. It’s kind of hard to keep up with, but I’m enjoying it so far! (As if there was any doubt!)

  4. stewartry says:

    Don’t tempt me! I doubt they’d take me – I’m so far out of shape I can’t even see shape – but … boy. In a heartbeat.

  5. tmso says:

    You never know, they may want out-of-shape writers to, you know, write about what’s going on with all the colonists! You should go!

    And so sorry about the job loss. I had a scare earlier this year – made me realize how much I really do like my job. Impending layoffs are still in our future, but for now, we are okay. If I end up in the same boat as you, we can chat all day long and keep our collective spirits up. Glad you got the stipend. I know it is not much, but at least it is something. Things will get better. :)

  6. stewartry says:

    >If I end up in the same boat as you, we can chat all day long and keep our collective spirits up.

    It’s a deal – but, especially if you like your job, I’ll hope very hard it doesn’t come to that. I did *not* like my job, which is probably one reason I don’t have it anymore.

    That, and I worked for a moron.

    Mars ain’t no place to raise your kids, but maybe I could go as a nanny. No, that would be a bad idea…

  7. tmso says:

    Well, I work for a start-up, so its eventual demise has always been a possibility.

    Since you didn’t like the job, then this is the right thing to happen. It may not seem like it, but where one door closes, another will open. I hope it opens soon!

  8. You’re right. It has to get better.

  9. stewartry says:

    Fantastic – thank you! I started listening to River of Stars, but I’ve been on a music kick for a while now. I’ll get back to it!

  10. calmgrove says:

    Commiserations, Tracey, and hope things can only go upwards on onwards now.

    Travelling to distant habitable planets? No problem. Just use churten theory for transilience in next-to-no-time-at-all. Three tales in Ursula Le Guin’s A Fisherman of the Inland Sea explains all.

    Alternatively, any decent book of fiction will immediately transport you to another plane of existence (see Le Guin’s Changing Planes).
    Well, it works for me, and I’m absolutely sure it has done for you too. Keep your pecker up.

  11. stewartry says:

    You’re absolutely right. Who needs space travel when we have books? Which is just as well given the state of our space program. Thank you. :)

  12. Joy says:

    Hope you find a new job soon. Fingers crossed for you!

  13. stewartry says:

    Thank you – I appreciate it!

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