So, my followers with pets – –

Please forgive a sort of a commercial interruption, but: I’ve been considering trying my hand at a new career/vocation/who knows what: pet portraits. It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve drawn much, but it’s coming back – but, because of its newness (re-newness) and because I’m just getting started, I thought I’d bug you, my friends with pets.

Here’s the deal. Christmas is coming, as you might have noticed…  What I’m thinking is, if a couple of you might like an extra Christmas (holiday) (no offense intended) gift, I would love to give it a shot. Free. For the first couple of people I hear from, that is. The way I see it going, as a test run, would be: send me a bunch of pictures of your cat/dog/horse/rabbit (I have a feeling I’m best with fuzzy things, but then again I’ve never drawn any non-fuzzies, as far as I remember…), along with what you might like to see in a picture that doesn’t necessarily show up in the picture (for example, something that might involve incorporating bits of a couple of pictures), and what size you might like, and I’ll get to work.

I use pencil on colored paper: graphite and white charcoal. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, I have some older drawings on my blog.

As I said, the first couple of people I hear from (if any…:P) will get free portraits – – on the condition that it’s okay for me to use the final image to shill for er, to demonstrate my ability, on my blog and maybe, if I figure out what I’m doing, on Etsy.

I haven’t worked out what I’ll charge if and when I get to that point; first I want to make sure I can do it to the satisfaction of anyone besides, you know, my mom.

Whaddya think? I’ll be checking comments regularly, or feel free to email me: talavera1809 at hotmail dot com.

We now return you to your regular programming.

graphite on half tone

graphite on half tone

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14 Responses to So, my followers with pets – –

  1. Helen says:

    I would LOVE this! For my sister’s Goldens … can I get photos to you this afternoon? (I have to leave for work in a bit)

  2. I actually got a really good shot of Rion and Lourdes sitting nice for me that we used for our Holiday cards this year. This would probably be a good picture for you to work off. Sending it right now.

  3. Helen says:

    me again – I have the photographs – where do I send them?

  4. N. E. White says:

    If you still have time, my dog is at your disposal. Pictures of him are here:

    And here: (list of posts with pictures of my dog)

  5. stewartry says:

    Oh excellent! My email address is I love goldens.

  6. stewartry says:

    Got it! It’s a great picture.

  7. stewartry says:

    I’ll make time. :) Thanks, all!

  8. N. E. White says:

    Great! I look forward to whatever you come up with, and I hope my dog (whom I think is the cutest dog in the world) will inspire you to do great art.

  9. stewartry says:

    Well, actually of course MINE’s the cutest, but …:P

  10. Teddi says:

    Looking forward to seeing the final art. Best Wishes.

  11. N. E. White says:

    They are all the cutest! :)

  12. stewartry says:

    Thanks – I am too…

  13. Helen says:

    I’m looking forward to the art as well … Can’t have pets where I am so I live vicariously by way of my sister’s

  14. Susan Dexter says:

    You do great work!
    As another who works in the art field as well as literature, I’ll pass along some wisdom, the first received from the best teacher I ever had, art or otherwise, Gerry Zona: Never give your work away–and he meant just because someone asked for a piece of your work–because people value art (and everything) based on what they pay for it. And he was right. You give it away, it has no worth. You give it as a gift, because you chose to, it’s priceless.
    That said, I have always made it a practice to keep my base price such that a 4-H kid can afford a portrait of a beloved pony. Here’s what I do:
    My smallest size for a pastel portrait is 11 x 14–smaller is harder, not cheaper. I stick to the size that suits the medium. Because in the end it’s always about price, not wall space. I have been known to quote that an 8 x 10 will cost MORE than an 11 x 14.
    One 11 x 14 of anything–horse, dog, cat, human costs $45. I don’t discriminate by species. Two subjects in an 11 x 14 cost $70, and I generally will not do a triple portrait in a size smaller than 16 x 20. Again, what suits the medium. It’s not quite twice as much work to draw two critters as one, but it’s more work than one, so it costs a little more. Not double.
    Larger sizes, larger groups (herds) are quoted custom, because one size does not fit all in art.
    I ask for a deposit, and for a big project I’ll be firm on that. I charge for shipping. I don’t offer framing, because that complicates the shipping–but I do sometimes run a “special” which includes a free mat, because those are available “off the rack” and make a nice presentation. Plus, the client can take the matted piece right to their local craft store and choose a frame, easy-peasey. Keeping to standard frame sizes makes that work.

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