The Bounders’ Music

The Sound of Music – only not quite. Carrie Underwood’s version is on right now, and I keep thinking of two things: The Movie, and … this, which I wrote a long time ago.

Mathom House

We fly toward a sunny meadow high atop a mountain. Suddenly, the cameraman realizes he’s in the wrong place and there is an abrupt cut to the kitchen of Bag End, the Shire. Gandalf has pulled the Ring out of Frodo’s fire, and is explaining things.

The Sound of Sauron
(The Sound of Music)
The Dark Lord’s alive – and he wants his Ring back
The Ring which contains part of his own self
The Dark Lord’s sent slaves for to get his Ring back
He won’t be stopped by Man or by Elf…

He wants to beat back all those of good will
And hold sway over all;
He wants to take solid shape and cast the world
‘Neath the darkest pall;
To catch and enslave and bend to his will
As he did once before
To bring, bind, and rule with the Ring on his hand once…

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