“Robin Williams can’t be dead.”

I’m far from the only one feeling that way.


(CNN) — Most of the shock that resounds after hearing that Robin Williams died Monday comes from its utter implausibility. How could Robin Williams, of all people, just stop breathing, moving and, most of all, talking?

It’s as though we’ve been told the moon spun out of orbit or that water no longer boiled, or froze, at the proper temperature. If Robin Williams is dead, then light no longer refracts, atoms no longer bond and gravity has gone out of business.

Yes. It’s that implausible.

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3 Responses to “Robin Williams can’t be dead.”

  1. No, you’re not the only one that is surprised at that news. Holy horse!

  2. Leanne Ross says:

    Yes. I feel the same. It’s like a bad dream or an awful joke. I let myself forget and then something reminds me. Robin WIlliams, the light that can’t stop shining…even if he wants to, is gone. I’m shaking my head just writing this.

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