Jeopardy: Represent Boston!

I never did write up my ever-so-exciting experience at the Jeopardy audition in Boston in May, did I? The hotel was a kind of miserable experience, but the rest of it was fun – especially the audition itself, of course. Jimmy from the Clue Crew (also known as one of the people with the best jobs on earth) happened to be in the area, and stopped in while we were getting our Polaroids taken, so that was exciting.

Somewhere I have the list I made of my fellow auditioners’ names. After the first audition I regretted not having made better notes about my comrades in quiz, so I tried to get everyone this time. I do need to track that down. I didn’t need it tonight, though, because – well, I missed the first segment, just got home during the first commercial break, and was puttering a little as Alex was introducing tonight’s contestants – and my head shot up when he came to the young man at the center podium, John Campbell, a romance novelist from Weymouth. Because he was one of my fellow auditioners on May 12.

It’s kind of stupid how excited I got.

And – spoiler after the picture
Screenshot - 10_15_2014 , 7_58_35 PM
– he kicked butt. I could only be happier if it was me.

Glenn, running the audition, pushed him to say what name he writes under, and he declined to answer; if I recall correctly he said “I have to hold something back for the show” – another good reason to be glad he’s coming back. I support my fellow Boston auditioners – his books? I’d buy ’em.

Go, John, go. I can now say I “know” a Jeopardy champ; let’s make it a multi-day champ.

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12 Responses to Jeopardy: Represent Boston!

  1. pooks says:

    I love it! And he’s a romance writer?!? Awesome!

  2. stewartry says:

    Isn’t it fun? He said he’d always talked about writing a romance novel (I’d bet something along the lines of “This book is crap! I could do better than that!”), and finally did – and it paid for his engagement ring. The next one paid for his wedding. So he’s a *successful* romance writer!

  3. So, did he ever reveal his nom de plume?

  4. stewartry says:

    No! I hope Trebek pushes him a little tonight. I mean, can you imagine what that would do to sales? Unless there’s some rule that keeps him from saying so … but there have been plenty of other writers on the show, so that doesn’t make sense.

  5. Maura @ WPL says:

    We hope he reveals his name! The Weymouth Public Libraries would like to include his books in the Local Authors section!

  6. stewartry says:

    He did great last night – hopefully he’ll keep the wins coming!

  7. regencygirl01 says:

    no mention of pen name has anyone heard

  8. stewartry says:

    No, alas, never a word. Ah well. I’m just happy someone from my “class” did well. (Hey, Alex! *makes ‘call me’ sign*)

  9. Ellie B says:

    I was SO freaking excited to see him on there! He sat next to me during the audition and when we walked out, we were laughing about the possibility about actually being called. So I guess you and I were in the same audition session. :)

    (Nope, name here isn’t my real name.)

  10. stewartry says:

    We must have been! I was thinking I didn’t remember an Ellie from the audition… I made a note of everyone’s name, so I’d know for sure if any “classmates” made it. Of course, I have no idea what I did with that paper.

  11. Ellie B says:

    I was the only teacher there I think, my story had to do with an obnoxious time telling device. :)

  12. stewartry says:

    You had the ancestor who invented the cuckoo clock! I was the one with the ancestor who was cuckoo – he claimed land on top of a local peak and built an ark. Just in case, Hi!

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