Dear Animal Haven…

Dear Animal Haven,

I’ve always had a pretty decent respect for you. Our neighbors have been involved with you forever, and after all you are a no-kill animal shelter with an excellent reputation – what’s not to love? So when I discovered Goodsearch (the web search site which raises money for a charity with every search, every game played, every online purchase) I made sure my neighbors knew about it, helped them get you signed up, and when you were established made sure that I picked you as the beneficiary of my searches. Over the last couple of years, over $650 has been raised for you; there are 72 supporters. The second strongest supporter seems to be “Angela”, who has raised $2.16 since they started keeping individual track. I’ve raised over $100.

That, Animal Haven, is over now. Because, you see, I needed *your* help recently. My life has gone pear-shaped over the past year; by the time 2015 comes along I expect nearly every single aspect of my life to be completely flipped. And part of that is that I expect to have to carry on without my dog, Daisy. There are a lot of reasons, but suffice to say it’s breaking my heart, and I have no choice. For her sake, for my sake, financially, logistically, I have no choice. That last is my mother’s phrase: no choice; I’m really tired of not having a choice. Regardless, the decision was made for me recently, and I called your number looking for help. I need to give up my dog, I said. I was upset; I think the woman who answered the call would have had to be an idiot, deaf, or a sociopath not to recognize that. But instead of offering sympathy, instead of taking any form of action to comfort or help me, with her tone of voice and choice of words made it clear that her opinion of me was slightly higher than of people who drown kittens in sacks. Your representative kicked me when I was down. I won’t forgive that, ever.

So now my searches on Goodsearch will benefit a random horse rescue I picked off the list, unless and until I find a cause with personal resonance again. I wish you luck placing the animals you deign to take in, and I wish you better luck in the employees you have in future – because that one was horrible.


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4 Responses to Dear Animal Haven…

  1. I am so very sorry that you’re going through this. I’m here if you need me.

  2. Helen says:

    sorry about all this ,,.. very sad ………… to throw in a little bit of happy, wondered if you knew that Sam Troughton will be playing George (Plantagenet) the middle brother, in The Hollow Crown, due out in 2016 ?..

  3. stewartry says:

    That’s wonderful news! I love that lad.

  4. stewartry says:

    Well, THAT attitude sure went away.

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