Haunted America FAQ

I did not expect that! I think what I assumed this would be was a sort of travel guide, just a listing of locations reputed to be spooky and maybe a squib as to why. And there was that aspect – just not as organized as I expected – but there were also alternating chapters which explored hauntings by theme: haunted ships, haunted inns, haunted hospitals, etc.

The negatives: it’s a bit scattershot. Instead of a kind of easily referenced listing, the states are broken up into alphabetical groups of two or three, each state yielding a handful of locations, along with a sentence or two on the type of haunting each location is known for. Those alternating chapters addressing types of hauntings It’s not very user-friendly as a guide to where one should go to have the best chance of encountering a ghost; nor is it a comprehensive survey of what kind of ghosts are where and why or anything like that. (All of which would be very interesting, by the way.)

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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