Little One – Jo Weaver

I love this little book. It’s sweet and simple (which is a compliment), and simply charming. Looking back on it some time after I first read it, I honestly couldn’t remember if there were even words in it, or if it was told purely in pictures. There are words – “There’s so much to discover in your new world, Little One,” said Big Bear – but they’re spare and undemanding, and perfect. I never would have thought I’d be so enthusiastic over a picture book with black and white illustrations, but I love this. Big Bear is solid and reassuring; Little One is energetic and every bit as adorable as baby animals are supposed to be. There is a lovely rhythm to the story, looping from the end of hibernation to the beginning, leading naturally to encouraging a child to settle down and hibernate for the night. It’s pretty close to perfect.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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