Her Majesty’s Will – David Blixt

Reblogging this from a while back in celebration of Shakespeare Day … in lieu of new material …


For someone who dislikes the use of real people as characters in fiction, I do seem to keep reading it. I admit it: I see the name “Shakespeare” associated with something, it’s going to attract my attention, and it’s probably going to be something I’m going to take a shot on. It’s also going to be something I’m going to be very hard on – not because I have Shakespeare up on a pedestal, so much, but because I know just about enough of the period and about him, and I take it seriously enough, for warning bells to go off all over the place when it’s screwed up.

To me, messing with the history is screwing up. I’m looking at you, Roland Emmerich.

That being said, there are certainly exceptions that are the reason I keep trying despite all the miserable failures. I’m happy to excuse any number of…

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