Shakespeare geekery

Reblogging this from a while back in celebration of Shakespeare Day … in lieu of new material …


Well, this took a lot longer to post than I meant it to. 

I’m a geek.  This should be obvious from my twinned blogs; the percentage of fantasy and scifi is pretty high.  I’m a once-and-hopefully-future Ren rat.  (Well, according to the Renaissance Faire Purity Test,  a Playtron.)  I’m a Shakespeare geek, too – which ties into the Ren rat thing, I suppose; I don’t believe one engendered the other, but that they came about independently and simultaneously.  

The “geek” in my “Shakespeare geek” doesn’t at all mean I think I know everything.  Far from it.  But I have a strong familiarity with several of the plays and a slight familiarity with the rest, I know enough of the ins and outs of the language well enough (I know how to use thee and thou, and *I*know*what*wherefore*means*) that I understand some of the humor and insult and pun Shakespeare intended. …

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