The Lodger Shakespeare – Charles Nicholl, Simon Vance

Reblogging this from a while back in celebration of Shakespeare Day … in lieu of new material …

Stewartry pounced on this because I enjoyed/admired/appreciated Charles Nicholl’s The Reckoning, about the murder of Christopher Marlowe, and because I was mad about Simon Vance’s reading of Dust and Shadow. Those two, plus Shakespeare, indicated an instant win.

Well… mostly.

First of all, I’m going to try to remember not to approach histories through Audible. If an author feels maps and illustrations and charts and the like are useful, then audio is not the way to go. The Civil War series I’ve already bought should be all right (except maybe for want of maps) – but something like this, which according to Google Books has 36 illustrations, loses in translation.

What this is, is an examination of what can be learned or inferred about Shakespeare from his deposition in a case that involved his landlord. “On Monday 11 May 1612, William Shakespeare gave evidence in a lawsuit at…

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