Layered – Tessa Huff

Gorgeous – absolutely gorgeous.

Every few weeks my boss gets a cake to celebrate the birthdays in a given month. She’s very loyal to one particular bakery – she loves them. My coworkers apparently love them. I sigh every month, because while these cakes are always pretty (in an uninspired kind of way), they’re always Gobi dry and the frosting is always toothachingly sweet – actually, it tastes a bit like the stuff that comes in cans. I want to anonymously send them a copy of this book. They need it.

This is well-written; the anecdotes included are entertaining; the recipes range from the familiar (red velvet, Boston creme) to the exotic (chocolate matcha, Earl Grey buttecream, blueberry pancake cake, lavender olive oil …pink peppercorn cherry!) And there’s one (the Candy Bar Cake) that looks like a beautiful chocolate Dalek. The layout of each recipe is different from the usual, in three columns rather than paragraphs. I like that. Directions are explicit, and the book is rich in beautiful photography which makes me want to stock up on flour, milk, eggs, sugar, and pastry bags.

There are instructions on how to make your own sprinkles. How cool is that.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review, and then received a better galley from the publisher which allowed me to write a more informed review – thank you!

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