Painting America’s Portrait – James C. Thompson

This isn’t a book. This is a PowerPoint presentation – and a poorly done PowerPoint presentation at that. “How illustrators created America”? How is this disjointed series of slides supposed to tell that story? Poor quality images, several pages slides with only reproductions of newspaper articles and ads, or just random-seeming sentences.

For $12.95, I should think a buyer deserves more than this strange and pointless mess. Perhaps something that had been edited so that the correct homonyms are used throughout. There are few enough, you know, words in this thing that I would have thought they might all be spelled correctly. And then it just … stops. There is no conclusion, no follow-through, nothing to support the title or subtitle. It’s a valid idea for a book – if only someone would write one.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review. Thank God I didn’t pay for it.

Screenshot - 5_30_2016 , 4_14_32 PM

Example of a slide. I mean page.

Screenshot - 5_30_2016 , 4_16_25 PM

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