With love and thanks to Dorothy L. on her birthday.

Once again, in lieu of actual fresh material, here is my DLS birthday post from two years ago…


DLSayersClouds of Witness isn’t my favorite of the Lord Peter novels – but I think I’ve said before that’s like saying “my least favorite chocolate” or “my least favorite Beatle”. And this does have some of my favorite Peter-Bunter scenes, and gave me the name for one of my blogs.

This isn’t so much a review as gathered musings on a book, a cast of characters, and an author near and dear to my heart.

Peter is thirty-three in this book. At the very beginning it mentions “he had followed Sir Julian Freke’s advice and taken a holiday”:

From Whose Body?:
“Ah! Your nerves are not all they should be. …Nothing to be alarmed about, but you must exercise care while undergoing this strain, and afterwards you should take a complete rest. How about a voyage in the Mediterranean or the South Seas or somewhere?”

The man may have been…

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