Scarlet – Marissa Meyer

Did I finish this? I can’t even remember if I wasted my – I mean if I finished this. I did not enjoy the first book; this is high up on my list of Highly Overrated Books (subtitled What Does Everybody See In This Thing??), but I did really like the beginning – so I had (stupidly) gone ahead and bought this before I realized that the second half negated anything I liked in the beginning, and it was too late to return it. I’m still not sure why I read it (or tried to).

So, this picks up a little while after Cinder ended, and Scarlet is delivering vegetables for her family farm. I very quickly began to question Scarlet’s intelligence. As usual with a book I dislike, I made a lot of notes on the Kindle, but I’ll spare you a blow-by-blow – I thought she was stupid, the plot was messy, and everything about the language – grammar, and the ability to make a sentence make sense, vocabulary – was problematical. I mean, spies had tattoos identifying themselves as such. Someone trying to disappear neglects to change her name. The cutesy robot Iko was used to insert humor now and then, whether the timing was right or not. And I used the acronym “idtimwytim” over and over: “I don’t think it means what you think it means”. That’s not how “prerogative” should be used… I don’t see how a familiar scent can be detected from fabric after three weeks, and if it was discernible it wouldn’t “peel” off it… Someone who was stuck in a tank “sleeping and dreaming and growing” for eight years apparently was not also “exercising”, and would have, to put it mildly, mobility issues … I’m not sure what aging “unfairly” means …”Coronated” is ridiculous… All right, one quote: “She reached for her hatred again but it slipped continuously from her mind, like trying to hold on to an eel.” First, I think the author meant “continually”, not “continuously”. Second, that is a lovely example of … what, subject-verb agreement? Of what not to do, is what it is. And it’s not unique – far from it.

And I really, really hate the term “Earthens”.

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