It’s oh so quiet …

Around this blog, I mean, not the rest of my life. (Really, dear neighbors, what ARE you doing to make such a racket? Are you playing soccer in your living room? Or just wrestling? Perhaps other Summer Olympics endeavors? And does that child own a police whistle, or is that noise really the product of her vocal cords? *sigh*) Reason number one was the busy period at work – month-end closing leaves me lightly toasted for the first week or so of the month, and also keeps me from sneaking in any notes while at the office.

And now that it’s officially over? Well, see, the Jeopardy spring online test is coming up at the end of the month, and I still don’t know what the capital of Namibia is. I don’t know how useful it is to study, but I am still practically a blank slate when it comes to most sports and most geography; these things just do not stick. But capitals and rivers and bits and pieces about golf and basketball (and opera – I’m also an idiot about opera) are pretty easy to cram, and I would hate to miss a question that I could easily have learned the answer to…

To that end, I will be reviewing these books:

(Wait – *gasp* – should I be giving away my secret weapons? Ah, why not – when the tide comes in, all boats rise)

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Sports
A Night at the Opera
The CIA World Fact Book
The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge
How the States Got Their Shapes

I’ll be printing out blank maps and drawing all over them – or maybe trying to freehand copy maps… that might make things stick a bit harder.

And I need to revisit this YouTube series:

He’s only up to G, but it’s fun and painless.

I also have a bunch of  Dorling Kindersley children’s books, the Eyewitness series – they’re gorgeous (and out of print).

Actually, my greatest fear is having a question – or, rather, an answer – along the lines of “She was Hamlet’s mother” or “This is the state where Captain Kirk was/will be born” come up, and drawing a blank. That would be when I take up heavy drinking.

So, how about it, my friends? Anyone else up for the torture – er, challenge?

Come on – you know you want to.

Start here: The Practice Test! They formatted it just like the online test, just with 30 questions instead of 50. If that goes okay, then: Register!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you in New York, for an audition – – or in LA, for a taping!

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