Blood and Circuses – Kerry Greenwood

In my review of [book:The Green Mill Murder] I did a little bit of exploration of how very different the Miss Fisher tv episodes are from the books they’re based on. I was about to say that the changes didn’t feel quite so drastic in this one, until I remembered the very drastic change at the beginning. Yeah, there were great big changes; I guess it was a bit streamlined to make it easier to digest on television.

And, again, I liked the TV episode – but I liked the book better.

Another thing I mentioned in the last book was that I always seem to learn something from these books, and the same held true this time out. The bit about the human cannonball made me blink for a second, and then basically go “Well, sure.” And I loved the detail about circus trick riding – I’m a little sad that wasn’t the way they went with the tv show, because that would have been beautiful. Ah well.

A note on the horses – – I’ve said before that one area in which I always judge a writer is how they write horses. Kerry Greenwood did a nice job. They had names, and gender-specific pronouns were used. I approve.

I’m still a little disappointed and disoriented by this, the original, “real” Inspector Robinson. It took a minute, but once I finally adapted, I enjoyed him. The Shakespeare quotes that pepper this one helped – how can I not love a man whose response to someone being upset at police in her home is “‘Oh, woe, Alas! What, in my house?'”

Lizard Elsie, Miss Parkes, the circus folk – these were some wonderful characters. Miss Fisher is a potent enough force to carry the whole series on her own if she had to – though she’s not invulnerable, and I like that and her awareness of the fact – but she is surrounded by lovely juicy characters who are all immense fun to read, both the series regulars and the guest stars. Love it.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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