Ginger Snapped – Gail Oust

I keep taking chances on randomly chosen cozy mysteries. Because sometimes they pay off, beautifully – I’ve absolutely loved a few of the cozies I’ve come across lately. But, more often, they just don’t; sometimes they’re horrible, and sometimes they’re just … meh. This was one of the latter.

My rule of thumb: if I’ve made a lot of notes and highlights on my Kindle, it’s either a very good book or a very bad one. For this, I seem to have made none at all. I’ve had to read through the synopsis and other people’s reviews to dredge up memories of what it was about, and even now it just doesn’t stand out in any way. Lady owns a food-oriented business in a small town, is dating a local cop, investigates a murder because she wants to clear someone she cares about, has a quirky bff, is surrounded by quirky townsfolk, does ridiculous and ill-advised if not illegal things in her unauthorized inquiry, and wraps the whole thing up with some peripheral and who-cares character booked for the murder and a couple of recipes.

It wasn’t terrible – I gave it three stars after I finished. I guess for me it was just … unnecessary. More of the same. It offered nothing new or different.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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