The Trouble with Mirrors – Charlotte and Aaron Elkins

History time: I have been reading Charlotte and Aaron Elkins forever. I have quite a few paperbacks and a couple of hardcovers, mostly discovered at library sales and suchlike. I never read any of this series, though, the Alix London series; I don’t know why I never came across them. I know I always enjoyed the books back in the day; they’re light, somewhat clever, often art-related, and I always found them fun.

My relationship with the authors hasn’t really aged well, I guess. I really didn’t enjoy this. The writing was perfectly fine – the authors are extremely experienced, and it shows – but it all just felt over-wrought and over-worked. Like bread dough, kneaded too much. The involvement in the plot of the Mafia didn’t help – any kind of International Conspiracy or mob plot developments always leave me completely cold.

It also might be better to read the series in order. This is the fourth book, and maybe it would take reading the other three for me to feel any kind of connection to any of the characters, or care at all what happened to them or what they did. It was chock full of the requisite number of quirky cozy mystery characters, but I unfortunately did not find them engaging.

I remember the books I used to read as light and frothy and fun. This was light, but the froth was a bit flat, and I just didn’t have much fun. Maybe one of these days I’ll go back and see how those other books hold up.

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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