Barrow-wight interlude

I haven’t dropped out again – I’m just lazy. Writing is hard.  (Hence the novel I’ve been working on since the Reagan administration.) Workdays are ridiculous, so weekends I am prone to just lollop about.

However, this afternoon, while lolloping, I was also laughing my head off, because – as Shawn from the Prancing Pony Podcast had promised – the episode of the PPP released today featured not one but two of my silly song parodies. (Apparently Shawn forced Alan to sing “Fly Me to Mount Doom” – sorry, Alan! But then Shawn held up his side of the partnership and sang “Springle-Ring”.) It was delightful – I don’t think anyone ever sang any of my stuff before! (There was that evening of karaoke, but I had a bad case of jet lag and sheer cowardice, and never went through with it.)

If you’re not listening to the PPP, you should be – and especially episode 119! Thanks, gentlemen – I had fun, even if you didn’t!

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