There’s really only one topic for today …

Eighteen years now … Never forget it. Fight the dangerous idiots who don’t believe. Do a good deed. Never forget.


From recordings from that day:

We’ve asked everyone to leave lower Manhattan if they can on their own

We want you to say a prayer for everybody in there right now – really, pray as hard as you can for all these people …

It is raining paper and ashes and debris …

It appears from here it could be deliberate …

Manhattan dispatch, what exactly is going on, Kate? We are unable – we are unable to make any kind of communication – –

Mayor Giuliani: The city is now closed. The airspace around the city is closed. There are a large number of firefighters and police officers who are … in harm’s way. And we don’t know how many we’ve lost.

Six a.m.: President Bush is preparing for his morning jog at the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort in Longbow Key, Florida, where he is staying. A van…

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1 Response to There’s really only one topic for today …

  1. Barb says:

    Well said. We must never forget.

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