The world is weird right now, and scary, with brief moments of beautiful high tension (the launch of Falcon 9), and I hate living in one of those moments when I feel compelled to have CNN on non-stop. So I’m going to tell a kind of silly story about something that happened a couple of months ago, because it was silly, and funny, and kind of great in a silly and funny way. And I don’t feel like adulting today.

I started watching Classic Doctor Who (on Britbox) a while ago, and was reminded how much I absolutely love the theme music. I went and found the First Doctor theme and loaded it on my phone as my ringtone, because in case you missed it I am a huge giant nerd.

So one night I was working on something online in my bedroom. After a while I needed to go into the next room for something, and brought my phone as I, alas, have gotten in the habit of doing. (I am one of those people now. *sigh* Never thought it would happen.) I was doing whatever I was doing, and then heard my ringtone. Odd, I thought – it’s late. Who could be calling? I looked, and … there was no “accept/decline” screen. No caller identified. No … call. Wha – ? While I was still staring at the screen, the music stopped, and suddenly from my bedroom I heard a weird, horrifying scraping thumping sound. I froze. That went on for a couple of seconds, and then – to my absolute horror – I heard a voice – a disturbingly harsh feminine voice – say “Why do you come now?”

I wouldn’t say my life flashed before my eyes, but I was petrified in several senses of the word. I’ve never had a paranormal experience. I believe in the stories I’ve heard from some people (though I am completely dismissive of a lot of others), I’ve always seemed to have the supernatural sensitivity of a teacup, but what else could this be? The house was built in 1899 – maybe the year I’d lived here at that point was as nothing to some … one … and she was only just noticing me  because I didn’t just come now and do I answer or just stand here like a rabbit hoping a fox doesn’t see me or try to run for it, where could I possibly go, what do I do – – ?

And then the Doctor replied “Who are you? We come in peace”, and I realized that I’d left the Britbox tab open, and my not-speedy internet must have just finished loading Episode  18 of Season 2, “Escape to Danger”. (It’s funny; Vicki says something before the Doctor does, but my brain must have been trying to catch up, because I don’t remember it.)

The funny thing is that in a Facebook group I belong to, someone posted a terrified video of her laptop undergoing an update, and … groaning, in a woman’s voice. And then singing. In German. It took several people and about an hour for the lightbulb to go off that the poster had been watching a German horror movie before the update, and somehow the sound was continuing while the computer was restarting for the update.

And that’s the story of my big paranormal experience. (Except for the banging on the wall last night (while I was trying to fall asleep after being dumb enough to start a kind of spooky book), when I’m alone in the house and it was about 2AM, but I’m going to go with wind and house settling on that. Yup.)

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2 Responses to Spoopy

  1. N. E. White says:

    Ha! At least, you didn’t have to save yourself. 😄

  2. stewartry says:

    Indeed! And this was when I realized that I’m really fine never having a paranormal experience!

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