Alice Starmore’s Glamourie

What a spectacular book. It works on several levels:

There are lovely patterns for knitting, obviously. From subtly magical items anyone could wear anywhere, anytime, to extraordinary things which suit a magical setting (or someone bolder in their display of love of the fae) – for either, I don’t think I’ve sever seen anything quite like these patterns.

It also works as a primer on Gaelic culture. It’s certainly not definitive, and isn’t meant to be, but it’s a sampler of the flavours of Gaelic lore and legend. The stories included are wonderful.

Best of all, in my opinion as a visual person, are the extraordinary photos this book is filled with. If you don’t read a word or knit a stitch, this book is still something to be savoured. I could use up a thesaurus praising the images, but suffice to say –

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a copy for review, which albeit late is indeed heartfelt.

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