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The world is weird right now, and scary, with brief moments of beautiful high tension (the launch of Falcon 9), and I hate living in one of those moments when I feel compelled to have CNN on non-stop. So I’m … Continue reading

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Times more interesting

When I wrote those last posts, I referenced the purported Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. Because things certainly have been interesting. Most of the planet experiencing the same thing at pretty much the same time, from fear … Continue reading

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An introvert in quarantine

It’s funny wandering Facebook during this time. I belong to a silly number of groups (most of which stem from the podcast My Favorite Murder which … I haven’t listened to in a year or more, but I like the … Continue reading

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Don’t touch your face

For the past few months (or is it years?) I’ve been constantly reminded of an episode of M*A*S*H, in which Margaret accuses Charles of having touched his nose in surgery. I can’t imagine why. I also – for some strange … Continue reading

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Interesting times

So, um, hi. It’s been a while. I haven’t written a book review to speak of in … a long time. There are a bunch of reasons. I became jaded with the stupid number of Netgalley books I’d signed up … Continue reading

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Eighteen years

Originally posted on Stewartry:
series introduction, “Now and Again”

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There’s really only one topic for today …

Originally posted on Stewartry:
From recordings from that day: We’ve asked everyone to leave lower Manhattan if they can on their own We want you to say a prayer for everybody in there right now – really, pray as hard…

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Barrow-wight interlude

I haven’t dropped out again – I’m just lazy. Writing is hard.  (Hence the novel I’ve been working on since the Reagan administration.) Workdays are ridiculous, so weekends I am prone to just lollop about. However, this afternoon, while lolloping, I … Continue reading

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LotR Reread, Chapter 3: Three Is Company (part two)

Look, I’m back! *pause for amazement* So when last I left the lads, they were sleeping under a tree being marveled at by a fox. They were still in the Shire, so they didn’t feel any need to keep watch … Continue reading

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LotR Re-read: supplemental

(I’ve been listening to too much of the Mission Log Star Trek podcast, I think – but this is a supplemental post.) (Spoilers if you’re not familiar with the rest of the book.) ‘You ought to go quietly, and you ought … Continue reading

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