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NaNoWriMo 2016 – I have a new notebook!

I am so not ready – but what the heck. If I can knock out a 2,000 word review for a bad book, surely I can manage 1,667 a day. Right? …Right? Of course right. Mebbe.

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THE dumbest thing I have ever read

Maybe this will spur me on to get back into reviewing. (This and the silly email I had from Goodreads saying I’m in the top 1% of reviewers – which I daresay anyone reading this who’s ever left more than … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s As You Like It, edited by Demitra Papadinis

I received this as a LibraryThing Early Reader book, in exchange for an honest review. (Warning – pretty much all the language I generally avoid in reviews up to now shows up here, en masse.)(In fact …)       … Continue reading

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No Plot? No Problem! – Chris Baty

I have a checkered past with National Novel Writing Month. I first signed up for it years ago, and then my mother broke her hip and everything else went by the wayside. I tried again in 2010, and won, and … Continue reading

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Teddy Roosevelt Versus Sasquatch

So it all started on Goodreads, with a horrified status update about one of the newest additions to the “(insert classic fictional or historic character) versus the (insert monster here)” trend, which pitted Teddy Roosevelt against vampires. I will not … Continue reading

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Anne Frank

Today would have been Anne Frank’s 83rd birthday, and is seventy years from that day her parents gave her a red plaid diary. Over two years ago PBS aired a new retelling of her story, and this was my response, … Continue reading

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Telling Lies for Fun and Profit – Lawrence Block

The articles that compose this writing guide are all, happily, nicely written – but there’s not much new here, I’m afraid, and not much applicable to my particular situation … Larry Block – as he tells the story a couple … Continue reading

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