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DebraLee Hovey does NOT represent Connecticut.

Apparently over the weekend Republican Connecticut Representative DebraLee Hovey had a hissy fit on Facebook. You see, last week the amazing Gabby Giffords came to Connecticut and visited the families of the students of Newtown, of Sandy Hook Elementary. I … Continue reading

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Well, I’m back. I hope

This has, to put it mildly, been an interesting couple of months. As in the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. A hurricane, followed a week later by a nor’easter. Then my mother had a fall, which resulted … Continue reading

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One degree from Jeopardy!

I’ve been trying to watch Jeopardy every night since the audition – just because I like the show, of course, and for obvious practical reasons (got to keep my hand in!) – but also because there were some terrific people … Continue reading

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Is it over? Really over?

I can’t believe I’ve been hiatusing (shush – it’s a word now) for this long, but there it is. I think I said it in one of those last posts: what happened at my old place of work had both … Continue reading

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And once again I’m looking at an unintentional hiatus. My home internet connection died a couple of days ago, and when I finally got the provider they let me know it’s on my end: either the cable going from the … Continue reading

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The evil that men do

How’s that for a cliché for a title. Guess I’m not too creative right now. Last spring I was called for jury duty, to the Superior Court in New Haven. The minute I said that in front of my sister, … Continue reading

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The Scientific Sherlock Holmes – James O’Brien

  When I think of Holmes, I think of a scientific method of deduction. I think of a human version of a CSI lab before there were CSI labs, able to observe and interpret the smallest grains or threads of … Continue reading

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This is also not a political post …

I had no plans to follow up that other post, but – dear lord, it’s only the middle of September and I’m already about to go mad. By the beginning of November these endless, mindless commercials will have me gibbering … Continue reading

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This is not a political post

It really isn’t about politics. It’s more about the basic quality of life in an election cycle, and about common sense and WTFery and things like that. Ever since the last election cycle, the two dirtiest words in my household … Continue reading

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Accidental hiatus

Something terrible – by which I mean me – happened to my laptop, so it’s unlikely that anything will be posted here for a while; how long depends on whether repairs are both possible and affordable, and if not … … Continue reading

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